Basement renovations

You have undiscovered space hidden in your home, let's find it! Basements are a great opportunity to create a living space out of unused space. Stockwell Renovations can help with every aspect of transforming your old dingy basement into a great additional space for your family. From water proofing to underpinning, your basement can be transformed.

Kitchen remodeling

The heart of the home! They are used numerous times throughout the day and typically have a lot of wear and tear. Investing in your kitchen is always a good idea. Updating kitchen cabinets and tiling is ideal to update and recreate your space and it some TLC.

Bathroom remodeling

Bathrooms are one of the most heavily used rooms in our homes and typically need the most updating based on that use. Giving your bathroom a makeover every decade or so is a great idea to add value to your home and to keep your bathroom current.


Additions are sometimes the only way to go when you just need additional space for you and your family. At Stockwell Renovations we are here to make that possible for you. Our network includes some of the best designers and engineers in the city that can make your dream home a reality.


Sometimes we like our home, but not necessarily the flow or layout of our home. Removal of interior walls and swapping placement of rooms can sometimes change our minds, from liking our home to loving our home. Whether you need a different flow for more entertainment or for better family dynamic, we can make it happen!


With more of us spending more and more time at home, it is important to take in some fresh air. Making your backyard a little oasis is never a bad idea! Adding a covered deck or porch or new fence can add an outdoor living area for entertaining, socializing or some additional privacy. Add additional square footage to your family foot print by turning your outdoor space into additional room for your family.

Full home renovations

Structural wall removal and changes

Windows and door installation

Eaves, soffit and fascia installation

Drywall, taping and finishing

Tiling and flooring


Carriage homes

Decks, fences

Water proofing