Frequently asked questions

The cost of a renovation can vary drastically; it all depends on the size and location of a renovation. The cost is also affected by the finishes and quality of the materials bought. For instance, a custom kitchen measured specifically to your home and with the style and trim desired will be more expensive then to order a kitchen from IKEA. Also, choosing finishes such as faucets, light fixtures, interior doors etc all have an impact on the cost of the renovation.

The length of time for a renovation also depends on the size and location of the renovation within your home and the planning process prior to beginning your renovation. For instance, custom windows and doors, cabinetry, special lumber orders and design drawings and specs all take weeks sometimes months to be made, approved and ready for installation. So, ensuring that we start planning in advance is key to the project running smoothly and in a timely manner.

Typically a bathroom will take 3-5 weeks to be complete, a kitchen will take 5-8 weeks to be complete, and a basement will take 8-12 weeks and a full home can take 6-8 months to be complete. These are approximate timelines, some can take less time to complete or can take more time to complete.

Yes! It is important for us to understand your design aesthetic to ensure the outcome is what you envisioned. We want our clients to be happy with the final result and the more you are involved in the design process the happier you’ll be. We can also assist you and help you along this path; however it is still a good idea to have something in mind. What can be helpful for some people is to gather inspirational photos of finishes and designs that they like. This can be extremely helpful when planning your renovation and help streamline the design process.

Yes! Although many people feel that they don’t have to, a renovation on your home can be stressful, messy, dirty, and loud. Sometimes it’s just easier to move out, but again this is based off size and location of the renovation and your comfort level. If you’re renovating a large portion of your home, it will take months to complete and you will most likely not have an operational kitchen or bathroom until the project is complete. As for small out of the way renovations, you don’t necessarily have to move out. We prep and seal off as much as we can to other areas of the home to ensure minimal dust and debris get through, however this is not guaranteed.

Yes! For most residential renovation you will need to submit a permit to the city and wait for approval to move forward. This process may seem lengthy and unnecessary but it is crucial to ensure all work completed at every stage is correct and to code.

To understand more about building codes and inspections in Hamilton visit or visit your local municipality website

Typically, the process is fairly quick ranging from 10-30 days, however if it is a large addition or you need to apply for variance it can take much longer.

There are a number of benefits to renovating your home. Whether it’s a new purchase that needs some work or an older home that needs some updating, or maybe you want to sell your home and get it ready for the market. People renovate their homes for all sorts of reasons. It’s never a bad idea to invest in your home.

  • Creating a more functional flow (open concept)
  • Increasing property value
  • Adding additional space (additions, basements, carriage homes, garages, outdoor living, etc.)
  • Upgrade the look and décor, making the home more modern
  • Upgrade areas to decrease energy cost and make the home more energy efficient (new windows and doors, spray foam, high efficiency appliances, etc.)

Yes! It is important to have a budget that you are comfortable with. You will be spending a lot of money on your project and want to ensure it’s the amount you are willing to spend. When thinking about your budget, ensure to have a little set aside roughly 20% for a contingency budget or emergency fund. Problems arise all the time in home renovations and it’s better to be prepared then have to compromise on the flow, design, materials and/or your vision.